Welcome to SOAR

We are so excited to have your team join!

If you haven’t reached out to CPCQC about interest in SOAR, contact us via email before you proceed with the next steps. You can reach us at info@cpcqc.org.

Here are the key steps to get your team onboarded:

All key documents for the SOAR initiative can be found in the Team Resources Folder on the CPCQC website.

  1. Complete the registration form the SOAR collaborative: This form provides the CPCQC team with key contacts for this project as well as specific information about your hospital. In this form be sure to be prepared with key contact information for your data champion and a member of hospital leadership.
    • Data Champion: The data champion is the individual on your team who will be inputting data into REDCap and the AIM Data Center. 
    • Hospital Leadership: For the data use agreement (DUA), a member of your hospital leadership, such as CMO, CNO, COO, etc must sign the document. Please be prepared with their contact information.
  2. Review the Project Guide.
  3. Review the Data Entry Tutorial.
  4. Labor Dystocia Checklist: Print out the Labor Dystocia Checklist and have this readily available for your Labor & Delivery unit to use for deliveries. This is the updated labor dystocia checklist implemented in 2022 to better meet SMFM and ACOG guidelines.
  5. Review the Team Resources FolderThis folder contains all the onboarding materials as well as current research and materials created by other hospitals.
  6. Register for our 2022 SOAR Webinars. All previous SOAR  webinars can be found on CPCQC’s YouTube channel.
    1. July 28th, 12-1pm MT – Birth Trauma

If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to the CPCQC team at info@cpcqc.org. The team will be in frequent contact over the next few weeks to ensure that you have the resources you need to succeed in SOAR. Again, we are excited to have you onboard!