Stacy Sandy, MS

Data Analyst

“I work for CPCQC because I believe that through data we can support the mission to provide superior quality perinatal care for every pregnant and postpartum person and their families.”

Stacy Sandy has worked in the higher education non-profit sector for over 10 years and embraces the innovation of data. She has experience working with accreditation and grants through state, federal, and national agencies. Her ambition is to highlight the science of data and the power of data through analysis and visualizations. Stacy received her Master of Science in Data Science and graduated with honors from Regis University. She also received her Bachelor of Liberal Arts with a specialization in Philosophy from Regis University.

Stacy serves as the Data Analyst at CPCQC. She bridges the gap between hospital data collection and the quality initiatives brought together from the evaluation of that data. Stacy feels that the methodologies of discovering meaning from data allows us to make a difference in our everyday lives. She hopes to utilize data to empower qualitative care throughout the entire perinatal period and to benefit the lives of mothers, fathers, children, and families throughout Colorado.