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Sustainable Financing Strategies for Care Coordination

The Decision Support Tool (DST) is designed to help provider organizations sustainably finance integrated care. The DST empowers providers to estimate Medicare and Medicaid revenue across prominent integrated care services to finance these services more effectively in community mental health care, substance use treatment and primary care provider organizations. It includes a list of specific billing codes, service types, professional discipline coverage, documentation and time requirements.

Colorado MOMs Toolkit

This Toolkit provides resources and support for partners looking to implement the MOMs Initiative in their hospital.

Colorado Data and Statistics

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment provides statistics on various health topics, including substance use and addiction. The data can be accessed through reports, dashboards, and interactive tools.

CDC Evaluation Resources

Tools and resources from the CDC for public health professionals to plan, design, implement, and evaluate public health programs and interventions.

IMPACT Outpatient Implementation Guide

The implementation guide is a supplemental document to support clinics in their efforts to integrate substance use and obstetric services through their participation in the IMPACT project.