Colorado Antibiotic Stewardship Collaborative



Colorado Antibiotic Stewardship Collaborative

Multiple stakeholders, including the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) are calling for all institutions to look at their antibiotic use and stewardship. Historically, antibiotics were only given to infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU); infants now frequently receive antibiotics in special care and newborn nurseries. To improve outcomes for all Colorado infants the CDC, CPCQC and VON are encouraging all levels of nurseries to participate in Colorado’s Statewide Choosing Antibiotics Wisely campaign.

Why Is This Important?

Antibiotics are among the most frequently prescribed medications in neonates. Medical science is just now beginning to understand the full consequences of their use and over-use. While they have been life saving for many infants, we are increasingly recognizing the dangers of resistant organisms and the risks of interrupting the development of a healthy infant micro-biome.

Partners & Participants

The CPCQC thanks the Vermont Oxford Network for supplying the iNICQ 2016 project and providing discounts to both VON and non-VON Colorado hospitals for participation.

CPCQC partners with Vermont Oxford Network (VON) and enrolled Colorado VON and non-VON hospitals on this important project to improve care for the infants we serve.  Eleven hospitals are currently engaged in CASC, including seven NICUs, 4 neonatal step-down
units and 3 newborn nurseries. The nurseries range from level I – IV. The hospitals serve very diverse populations across the state and range from small community hospitals to large academic facilities. Of the eleven hospitals, three are independent hospitals; all others are part of multi-hospital systems. One facility is part of the Children’s Hospital Colorado network.  Two hospitals are located in mountain resort communities. Colorado’s large geographic size contributes to challenges in conducting a statewide collaborative project.

Participating Hospitals:

  • Saint Joseph Hospital
  • UCH Memorial Medical Center
  • Parkview Medical Center
  • Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children
  • St. Mary’s Medical Center
  • UCH Poudre Valley Hospital
  • UCH Medical Center of the Rockies
  • Platte Valley Medical Center
  • Valley View Hospital
  • UCH Longs Peak Hospital
  • UCH Yampa Valley Medical Center
  • St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center
  • North Colorado Medical Center
  • Denver Health Medical Center
  • McKee Medical Center
  • Banner Fort Collins Medical Center
  • Good Samaritan Hospital


CPCQC provides the venue for hospitals to share education, resources, and data which support them in creating effective Antibiotic Stewardship programs. A CASC Steering Committee, composed of team leaders from each of the 11 hospitals, meets regularly to drive this work.

Ready to Make a Difference?

A steady rise in maternal mortality rates and disparities in infant mortality have increased the spotlight on the quality of care delivered by hospitals and their staff. Together, we can address these issues, improve outcomes and reduce preventable deaths in our state.

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