Maternal Mental Health Collaborative and Framework

Maternal Mental Health Collaborative and Framework

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  • Project Overview
  • Parents Thrive

Project Overview:

The Maternal Mental Health Framework (the Framework) is a central source for Coloradans to effectively collaborate, impact action, and accelerate progress toward improved mental health and wellness of all pregnant and postpartum people in Colorado. The Collaborative is a collective effort building partnerships and fostering conversations to champion the work of the Framework. We are focused on action. Together we hold ourselves accountable to ensure the mental health needs of pregnant and postpartum people are met and prioritized through policy, community and systemic support. CPCQC serves as the backbone organization for the Collaborative, providing leadership, facilitation, staffing, administration of funding and data management.

Learn more about the Colorado Maternal Mental Health Collaborative and Framework at their website.

Parents Thrive:

The Perinatal Action Network, a workgroup of the Colorado Maternal Mental Health Collaborative and Framework, created Parents Thrive – an accessible, user-friendly website for Colorado pregnant and parenting people to connect to relatable stories and well-organized resources that address mental and emotional health needs across the perinatal journey. It is available in English and Spanish.

Ready to Make a Difference?

A steady rise in maternal mortality rates and disparities in infant mortality have increased the spotlight on the quality of care delivered by hospitals and their staff. Together, we can address these issues, improve outcomes and reduce preventable deaths in our state.

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