Family Integration to Restore Trust



Family Integration to Restore Trust

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Project Overview:

The Family Integration to ReStore Trust (FIRST) program is a two-phase, community-focused effort to first train, then integrate families from diverse backgrounds into leadership committees and workgroups within CPCQC so that the perspectives of pregnant and postpartum people with lived experience inform CPCQC’s strategy and projects. FIRST was developed out of a clear understanding that meaningful improvements in perinatal health outcomes are not possible unless initiatives are developed and overseen by the pregnant and postpartum people and families from communities whose health we strive to improve.

Phase One offers training for participating staff, providers, and patients/family Champions.

Phase Two empowers patients and family members who have completed the Phase One training to choose to participate in one or more family integration services. Champions may choose to:

  • Serve on a committee to advise and inform the decisions and direction of our organization’s programs
  • Serve on the CPCQC Board of Directors to guide the overall strategic vision of our organization and inform its  mission, vision, and values
  • Provide education ​​to Colorado healthcare facilities’ quality improvement teams on how to effectively engage with pregnant and postpartum people, families with lived experience, and the communities they represent
  • Offer direct peer-to-peer support

Program Importance:

FIRST integrates pregnant and postpartum people and their families into every level of CPCQC’s organization to ensure that care is respectful, patient-centered, and culturally appropriate. This program aims to ensure that:

  • Families are active members of the care team and collaborative partners in our work
  • Solutions to address inequities in care are community-led
  • Providers possess skills and experience in building relationships with families and communities, and understand historical barriers to establishing trusted relationships
  • Families are provided with a safe environment in which to engage productively with healthcare providers

Program Champions:

Champions of the FIRST Program may choose to be involved in the design, testing, and evaluation of care improvements at health system, state, and multi-state levels. It is the highest priority of CPCQC that participants are members of the communities they represent, are diverse in their backgrounds and experiences, and feel empowered to serve as leaders, managers, and evaluators of CPCQC’s programs and projects.

2021-2022 Cohort
  • Lynn VanderWielen, PhD, MPH 
  • Amanda Davis, LCSW 
  • Rae Sanchez, MSA, BHA, CPC, CDEO 
  • Brooke Dorsey Holliman, PhD
  • Veronica Brunson 
  • Emily Fawaz
  • Kristina Bigby, WHNP
  • Ashley Miller
  • Kami Mogensen
  • Kathryn Jantz
Lived Experience Expert Stories:

Emily Fawaz

Ashley Miller


CPCQC has partnered with MoMMA’s Voices to deliver comprehensive, ongoing training to our FIRST Program Champions. MoMMA’s Voices provides a Patient Family Partner Certification Course that includes advocacy training and quality improvement education, as well as opportunities for further learning in specialty areas of patient engagement.

Our Work:

Patient and Family Engagement Thematic Webinar for NNPQC (May 18, 2022) – Start at 7 min 39 sec.

How to Get Involved:

Become a FIRST Partner! We welcome individuals with lived experience including pregnant and postpartum individuals, families, caregivers, and providers to join our Family Integration to ReStore Trust (FIRST) Program to help improve the quality of care. Participants will receive Patient Family Partner Training and compensation for your time.*

To learn more, fill out an interest form in English or in Spanish.

Patients, family members, and providers who are interested in participating may also reach out to us at 

* We value your interest in participating in our program and recognize that our patient, family-member, and provider partners may benefit from various supports. CPCQC offers a community member financial stipend along with additional support to facilitate your participation and engagement. 

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A steady rise in maternal mortality rates and disparities in infant mortality have increased the spotlight on the quality of care delivered by hospitals and their staff. Together, we can address these issues, improve outcomes and reduce preventable deaths in our state.

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