IMPACT BH Implementation Toolkit
A Roadmap to Improving Prenatal, Perinatal, and Postnatal Care

Welcome to the Implementation Toolkit for the IMPACT (IMprove Perinatal Access, Coordination, and Treatment) Behavioral Health (BH) Program. This innovative program, launched in Colorado in 2022, brings together hospitals, primary healthcare services, and community-based organizations as active collaborators and partners in providing wrap-around support and care navigation to pregnant and postpartum people and their families. 

IMPACT BH is led by the Colorado Perinatal Care Quality Collaborative (CPCQC) and has collaborated with partners across the state including the University of Colorado Practice Innovation Program, Illuminate CO, and Stader Opioid Consultants. The program was first introduced in Garfield, Pitkin, Eagle, and Summit counties.

Implementation toolkit representation of inpatient care, perinatal navigation, community-based care, expanding partnerships, outpatient care, and data sharing in circles connecting to center circle with IMPACT Behavioral Health logo

About This Implementation Toolkit

Are you looking to improve care for pregnant, recently pregnant, and postpartum people in your clinic or community? This toolkit is for you! It is designed for professionals working in public health, inpatient or outpatient health care delivery settings or health systems, community organizations, or related sectors that are seeking to improve and integrate prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal behavioral health care in their community. 

This web-based toolkit provides a perinatal behavioral health framework to support cross-sector partners in the assessment, planning, implementation, and measurement of behavioral health services, supports, systems, and practice changes. 

Inside you will find a detailed roadmap to improve maternal and child health outcomes through well-coordinated, multidisciplinary, and evidence-informed care for behavioral health during pregnancy and the postpartum period. 

Toolkits for Inpatient, Outpatient and Community-Based Care

Get started by choosing the setting in which you provide care.

Cross-Sector Strategies

Perinatal Navigation

Connecting with recently pregnant, pregnant, and postpartum people, assessing their social and behavioral health needs, and linking them to appropriate services and supports. 

Expanding Partnerships

Bringing together hospitals, primary healthcare services, and community-based organizations as active cross-sector collaborators and partners.

Data Sharing

Enabling data sharing of collection measures for each sector partner offers the opportunity to identify systemic gaps or opportunities for additional integration and support.