Ashley Miller

My voice is desperately needed for pregnant mothers struggling with addiction. The change I create by being in the helping profession will allow me to support women in recovery and watch them grow into their true selves. Their true, healthy selves will impact their circles of family, friends, and co-workers that they surround themselves with, creating waves of impact and waves of change into the world.

– Ashley Miller

CPCQC congratulates Ashley Miller, a FIRST Program Champion and AIM Expert Faculty Group member, on the completion of her bachelor’s degree in human services and receipt of the Rachel B. Noel Scholarship award for community activism, advocacy, and academic excellence.

For two years, Ashley has served as a lived experience expert for CPCQC around issues of perinatal substance use. The strength of Ashley’s influence on our efforts to reduce disparities and improve health and social outcomes for families is rooted not only in her passion for this work, but also in her willingness to be vulnerable and authentic around the struggles and successes that have been present within her own life. 

“I’m coming up on three years sober, and this proves I can do difficult things. I was in my addiction for nine years, and it took everything I had left in me to get clean and sober. I had to learn to feel my emotions and raise two babies by myself. This was the hardest and scariest thing I’ve ever had to do. I’ve worked so hard, and I am proof that someone who has encountered hardships can also overcome them.”

– Ashley Miller
Ashley is truly an inspiration! She recently presented her MSU Honor’s Program thesis on the impact of substance use on postpartum bonding. You can read more about Ashley’s work here.