Maternal Overdose Matters Plus (MOMs+)

MOMs+ is a maternal overdose prevention program focused on helping birthing hospitals statewide provide equitable access to treatment and recovery for perinatal patients with substance use disorders, including connection to the patient and family, initiation of medication for opioid use disorder and treatment of other substance use disorders, and transition to outpatient recovery with community providers. The MOMs+ team of clinicians provides support through a hospital needs assessment, gap analysis, order set review, staff education, implementation plan, quality improvement help, community outreach and referral, and other technical assistance. 

MOMs+ is a part of CPCQC’s IMPACT BH program and an extension of the work of the Colorado MOMs Initiative. Working collaboratively with key partners, MOMs+ is creating a common framework, implementation recommendations and education plan for birthing hospitals across Colorado to improve the birth experience for patients with substance use disorders. Hospitals engaged in MOMs+ have access to tailored technical assistance, education, experts across all partner programs, and continual process improvement to improve care for pregnant and postpartum people affected by substance use. 

Community Impact

  • Launched in spring 2023, 10 birthing hospitals joined the pilot initiative and have identified a site champion to lead education and implementation.
  • Integrated peer support perspectives into program planning.

Program Partners

  • Led in partnership with Stader Opioid Consultants, Colorado MOMs Initiative, The Naloxone Project, and CO AIM: SUD
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Connected Programs

  • CO AIM: SUD supports healthcare teams in enhancing care for perinatal patients with substance use and mood and anxiety disorders through the processes of screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment (SBIRT).
  • IMPACT BH aims to integrate behavioral health care by bringing together hospital- and community-based care teams to provide wrap-around support and care navigation through pregnancy, birth, and one-year postpartum.
  • Colorado MOMs (Maternal Overdose Matters) Initiative is a distribution program that provides birthing hospitals with free naloxone to dispense to perinatal patients and families at-risk of opioid overdose.

Learn More About Participating in MOMS+

The program is open to any birthing hospital statewide and offers financial incentives for participation. However, a limited number of sites are selected to participate as funding allows.