Colorado Maternal Mental Health Collaborative

The Colorado Maternal Mental Health Collaborative and Framework is a statewide collective impact initiative that aligns and unifies efforts to improve maternal mental health by bringing together diverse perspectives from across sectors including providers, people with lived experience, government agencies, and community based organizations. The Collaborative is focused on building partnerships, fostering conversations, and taking action. 

Together, we hold ourselves accountable to ensure the mental health needs of pregnant and postpartum people are met and prioritized through policy, community and systemic support. CPCQC serves as the backbone organization for the Collaborative, providing leadership, facilitation, staffing, administration of funding, and data management. 

Learn more about how we’re advancing mental health for pregnant and parenting people through the Colorado Maternal Mental Health Collaborative and Framework. 

Community Impact

  • Brought together key partners around the state and linked participants to trainings and resources. 
  • Developed the Perinatal Continuum of Care and Toolkit for Action to encourage providers across the continuum to embrace the role they play in supporting the mental health of new families
  • Released Parents Thrive Colorado, a family-facing web resource, in Spanish along with an initiative to engage Spanish-speaking communities in co-designing the next iteration of the website
  • Monitored and advocated for bills that advance four primary goals: supportive community, maximized prevention, universal screening and appropriate referral, and comprehensive, inclusive and responsive continuum of care.

Program Partners

We are a collaborative of partners across the state of Colorado, from individuals to organizations, representing behavioral health, community advocacy, faith-based organizations, early care and education, health care, philanthropy, public health, public policy, and state and local government.

Learn More About Participating in the Collaborative

Membership in the Collaborative is open to anyone in the community who are, advocate for, and work on behalf of pregnant and postpartum people in Colorado with a focus on mental and/or behavioral health. Members receive periodic email updates and other communication from the Collaborative and provide regular input to the leadership team. Members may join the Maternal Behavioral Health (MBH) Policy and Financing Coalition workgroup or the Perinatal Action Network workgroup. Members can also apply to become part of the leadership team.