How We Support Colorado Families: Our Programs

CPCQC supports hospitals, community organizations, public health professionals, and community members through perinatal quality improvement and community-based programs with focus areas ranging from maternal behavioral health to systems change.

Newborn infant's feet cradled in mother's hand

CHoSEN is an initiative to increase consistency in implementation of best practice approaches in the identification of and response to newborns prenatally exposed to substances at the time of birth. Learn more

stressed mother holding baby close while looking off into the distance

CO AIM: SUD aims to prevent and eliminate suffering and maternal mortality related to substance use and perinatal mood and anxiety disorders by focusing on the implementation of universal screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment in labor and delivery units. Learn more

Mom holding sleeping baby on her shoulder

The Colorado Maternal Mental Health Collaborative and Framework is a statewide collective impact initiative that aligns and unifies efforts to improve maternal mental health by bringing together diverse perspectives from across sectors including providers, people with lived experience, government agencies, and community based organizations. Learn more

Newborn infant wearing a hospital bracelet and tubes in NICU care

DEFINE engages families and supports parental wellbeing and participation in their baby’s NICU care via implementation of system improvement processes and robust data collection and analysis. Learn more

Couple sitting together with foreheads touching, man holding woman's cheek, woman's hand on man's leg

FIRST is a two-phase, community-focused effort to first train, then integrate patients and families from diverse backgrounds into leadership committees and workgroups within CPCQC. Learn more

Woman crying with hand on her head

IMPACT BH brings together hospitals, primary healthcare services, and community-based organizations as active collaborators and partners in providing wrap-around support and care navigation to pregnant and postpartum people and their families. Learn more

Couple sitting together on couch, one woman resting hand on birthing mom's shoulder

MOMs+ is a maternal overdose prevention program focused on helping birthing hospitals statewide provide equitable access to treatment and recovery for perinatal patients with substance use disorders, including connection to the patient and family, initiation of medication for opioid use disorder and treatment of other substance use disorders, and transition to outpatient recovery with community providers. Learn more

Newborn infant being cleaned by nurse in the delivery room after birth

SOAR is an initiative to reduce unnecessary cesarean delivery for low-risk pregnant people. This in turn decreases maternal morbidity and mortality and reduces health care costs. Learn more

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