CPCQC Impact: How We Are Making a Difference

The Colorado Perinatal Care Quality Collaborative (CPCQC) is the only statewide nonprofit organization poised to connect systems, practices, behaviors, and policies to transform health care systems and tackle maternal and infant health care holistically.

Statewide Impact

CPCQC is leading change in the clinical setting, within our community, and through policy and advocacy efforts. We are working toward a future where all of Colorado’s pregnant and postpartum people have equitable access to care, safer birth experiences, and the support of their community and peers.

CPCQC implements programs in hospitals accounting for

births annually, or
of all Colorado births

Clinical Quality Improvement Impact


Participating Hospitals
16 of which are in Colorado

30% of Colorado L&Ds participate, accounting for 28,903 births or 48.5% of all Colorado births annually


Participating Hospitals

35% of CO L&Ds participate, accounting for 24,579 births or 41.23% of all Colorado births annually


Participating NICUs

21.8% of CO NICUs participate, accounting for 20,755 births or 34.8% of all Colorado births annually 


Participating NICUs

11% of CO NICUs participate, accounting for 12,893 births or 21.6% of all Colorado births annually

Shared Experiences

Everyone’s journey is unique, but you are not alone in your experience.