Our goal is to ensure that mothers, birthing individuals,
and their families in Colorado receive culturally
relevant, safe, equitable, high-quality care
no matter who they are or where they live.

CPCQC Approach


Implementation of proven guidelines and standards from nationally recognized organizations using a structured quality improvement framework.


Facilitation of continuous learning, sharing, and improvement for perinatal health professionals, health systems, policy development, and accountability in Colorado.


Access to statewide data supported by real-time, ongoing analysis, collection, and dissemination.


Involvement from individuals and organizations that are reputable experts in clinical specialties, public health, quality improvement, and change management, as well as those who share their lived experience of the perinatal journey.

Statewide Impact

CPCQC is leading change in the clinical setting, within our community, and through policy and advocacy efforts. We are working toward a future where all of Colorado’s pregnant and postpartum people have equitable access to care, safer birth experiences, and the support of their community and peers.

CPCQC implements programs in hospitals accounting for


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